Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

21 June 2004

Moving Stuff Around

So, we bought our first home, and each night we bed down on a futon while we wait for our stuff to arrive. All signs point to Wednesday being the day we get our furniture, boxes, dishes, etc.

We got the futon from Billy and Kathleen some friends of ours who are getting married this weekend and thus find themselves combining two apartments of furniture into one.

Billy and I moved the futon, another futon, and a few various other furniture items this weekend using my aunt’s El Camino. Boy was that fun. I tried to adjust a few mirrors and stuff to get it to where it felt right, but then found if I just eased down in the seat and relaxed a bit, then everything looked right. I needed to adapt to the El Camino lifestyle.

Also, many of you really want to see a picture of the house. We’re working on that. I just need to unpack the cable for my digital camera.