Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

5 March 2008

Mopey at SXSWi 2008

SXSW Interactive

It’s that special time of year, when everybody is packing up to head out to SXSW. This will be my third time going down to Austin for this geekfest, and it should be a really good time. I have the honor of co-hosting a Core Conversation with the dashing Mark Bixby this year. We’re really excited about the topic and it already seems like we have a nice crowd of rad people joining us for it.

The topic is Specialization vs. Doing it All. Can a designer/developer do it all, and be good at it all? If not, what does that mean and how does specializing impact:

  • a project.
  • your business plan.
  • client expectations.
  • competitive edge.
  • marketability.
  • your creative and personal satisfaction.

We’ll share our personal stories about what things have been like for us in this realm, as well as some lessons and ideas about collabortion. However, the key to Core Conversations is that they’re round-table discussions, which means it will be as good as the people who show up, so we’re counting on you!

There are so many panels, parties, etc. to attend, and it’s hard to juggle all the stuff and figure out what to go to. I highly recommend as a tool to do just that. It’s pretty fantastic.

All in all, I’m only semi-excited this year, as I have this cute little baby at home that I have to leave behind for five days (my usual mood regarding SXSW is utter giddiness). So if you see me moping around, introduce yourself and cheer me up. Seriously. Every year I meet more and more very cool people, so I hope if you happen to see me, please come introduce yourself.