Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

31 August 2006

Method Arts Seattle Event

A month ago I bought my tickets to head to Seattle and registered for An Event Apart. I’m super-excited about it. I love Seattle, and I love hanging out with my peers. Just thinking about it reminds me of SXSW, where I became truly inspired, not as much by all the seminars, but more by the people who get fired up about the same stuff I do.

Since An Event Apart lands right when we are officially launching our consortium, and since we web nerds really enjoy hanging out with each other, we’re throwing ourselves a little launch party. If you’re coming to AEA or just happen to be in Seattle September 17th, please come by. We’re buying the beer and giving away free Method Arts t-shirts.

Method Arts Seattle Event
At Two Bells in Seattle (just a couple blocks away from AEA)
September 17th 2006
8pm – 9:30pm

You can find a map, more details and an RSVP form here:
Method Arts Seattle Event

It’s going to be a great fall everybody. I’m really excited to see how it all goes.