Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

15 November 2006

Method Arts in Albuquerque

Tired Web Guys

On Saturday, for the first time ever, the entire Method Arts crew were in the same room. It’s fitting that it was at the Albuquerque Barcamp. Barcamp is an “unconference” all about sharing your info, input, tips and tricks with others. Everyone who comes has to present something. Mark talked about color profiles and exporting files for the web. Vincent talked about the dizzying array content management systems out there. I spoke on CSS and typography. It was a fascinating time and very fun. There were even sock puppets!

I live in Denver, so it was cool for me to come down to Albuquerque and enjoy the uncommonly grey skies while trucking around town. I got to meet the guys at Clearwired, eat lots of really awesome Southwestern cuisine, and get a bit of work done too!

We had lunch with the Miox folks, for whom we did a whole branding and website development. It was awesome for us to hear how well the website has been received. They mentioned how people have found their website in ways that never happened before, and how one potential investor found their site and printed out every page to read on a long airplane flight (hooray for print style sheets!).

Mark and I have been really geeking out with our cameras on this trip. We both have Nikons so we’ve traded both lenses and tips while shooting a lot of photos. He bought an awesome macro lens yesterday to do some product shots, and I got a mini-tripod (see the results of that here).

Yesterday, we hunkered down to do quite a bit of work. We also went to World Usability Day, which mainly involved eating lunch and walking over to the Apple Store.

Client work and a lovely wife at home demand that I come home soon. I’m already looking forward to coming back.