Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

24 September 2004

Justy Time

This has been a weird week. Monday, I caught a ride to Arkansas with some friends, David and Mary. This is a bloody long drive – 14 hours.

Why go to Arkansas on a Monday? Well, I went to pick up a new car. New to me, that is. I picked up a 1991 Subaru Justy from my good friend Jason. I really like the car. It rattles, the seatbelt kinda doesn’t retract and the windshield is cracked. But it’s kinda spunky. It gets great gas mileage and just says “In your face, SUV. Sure, I have half the cylinders [note: the Justy has three], and my roof reaches about to your tailpipe, but I get 40 miles to the gallon and I got style!” And it does! Not only that, but it cost me $400, and it’s cheap to insure.

Our new car. A subaru justy.

So I’m pretty happy with the car, I like its spunk, and it will get me around anytime anna has the other Subaru. I still plan to ride my bike to work anytime it’s not too cold and I don’t need to tote anything bigger than my backpack. We’ll see how well it works out.

So, I stayed a day in Arkansas and drove the Justy back to Denver on Wednesday. And now, voila, it’s the weekend.