Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

26 June 2006

Impending Fatherhood

Impending Fatherhood. Whew. Good news, everybody. I’m going to be a daddy. I am extremely pleased with this news, and at times, incredibly overwhelmed. One thing people keep telling me is that fatherhood changes your life forever. Indeed, I’m sure it will.

One question everybody asks is when’s he or she due. January 12th. That was easy. The other thing I get a lot is people asking me if I plan to find out the gender of the baby. I had no idea people would be so interested in this tidbit of information. I’ve probably answered this question a hundred times. Oh, and the answer is “Not sure yet, we have a good 9 weeks before we need to decide”.

So, all this baby stuff has lots of implications. We’ll be doing some home improvement and remodeling over the next few months, and a bunch of decisions to make about baby stuff, traveling, job stuff, our house, money etc. But honestly, just like everything else, we’re taking it one step at a time and one decision at a time.