Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

22 April 2005

I’m not a zombie

But if I were, let me tell you I highly suggest finding a way to destroy my brain. Other survival tips are here: How to Survive a Zombie Attack

That said, I’ve been busy, but alas, I don’t have a whole lot to show for my work right now. I’ve been working on a new portfolio site for Vance that’s just awaiting a few new content bits to go live. I’ve also been working on a new site for Aaron which is also awaiting tweaks from him. I’m working on a site for my church too, but that’s a long ways from being finished.

And I’ve been working at Apple, which keeps me extra busy and is lots of fun! I sell lots of laptops and ipods and everybody I work with is cool. When people come in who have never used a mac before (or at least not in the last 10+ years), that just warms my heart that I get to help people switch to the light side. I’m also super excited about Tiger, the latest version of Mac OS X. We’re having a big release event on the 29th at the store, and from all accounts of previous events I can imagine it’s going to be huge.

I’ve also got some other ideas mulling around in my head that I’m just not sure will ever see the light of day due to my tendency to be just ridiculously busy. We’ll see what happens. I’m not just talking blog posts, more like new project sorts of ideas. I get tired just thinking about them though.