Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

29 July 2005

I guess now I can talk about them.

Today was my last day at Apple. I’ll really miss it. I quite enjoyed working at Apple. It’s a great company, they do take care of their employees, the people are awesome, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s fun to sell a product you believe in, something you really love. All that said, it wasn’t a hard decision to leave. I’m glad I have my time back to myself. I really look forward to being able to focus on other things.

What other things? Well, I still have my other job, and I do have some other design work I’m doing on the side. And I’ll be writing for Ars Technica and ComputorEdge on a fairly regular basis. Right now I’m working on a very lengthy product review article for Ars that I’m excited about and can’t wait to dig in for a few hours and get some words down. It’s going to be interesting doing writing as a sidejob. I like it. I wasn’t allowed to write before, due to conflict of interest issues, but now that I don’t work for Apple, I’m free to do whatever.

So, the end of some stuff, the beginning of more. Life is a process, I really enjoy it.