Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

29 April 2005

Holy Week

Last Friday our church held a forgiveness service in anticipation of Easter. This was a beautiful service that ended with everybody asking each other for forgiveness. We made our way around the church – lining up – saying “Please forgive me” and the other responds “May the Lord forgive you and me.” So beautiful, so appropriate. We have had various services daily throughout the week since then.

On Thursday we read through each of the gospel accounts of the passion and did lots of singing and praying. It was an awesome service for me which just flew by (whew … three hours!). It was such a very beautiful service. The accounts of those events really just came alive for me. So much love in the middle of so much chaos and awful events. It must have been very hard and emotionally trying for the writers of the gospels to write it all down, even many years later.

So as I write this it’s nearly Good Friday. I’m taking off work from Job #1 so that I can attend a service in the afternoon. Job #2 I need to go to in the evening, so I’ll miss a service then.

Then it’s Saturday and a big awesome service late at night followed by an even later Pascha (Easter) meal. I’m excited as this will be my first Pascha in the Christian Orthodox Church. We’ve been fasting during Lent and that’s been a trying but wonderful experience. I’ve experienced feelings and emotions I’ve never experienced in Christianity up to this point. It very hard to describe. All I can say is that I love it.