Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

23 March 2008

Happy as a Cog

Cog Graphic

In just a few days this blog will celebrate it’s fourth birthday. How fun! No need to send gifts or cards. Just raise your glass in the direction of Colorado.

Here’s something else to celebrate too. A few months ago, I joined up with Happy Cog Studios as a Strategic Partner. What an honor! Back before I even started my blog, I read Designing with Web Standards, Happy Cog founder Jeffrey Zeldman’s book about the proper way to make websites. It was then that I thought, “Hey, I should really get into making websites the proper way.” My first real exercise in doing that was starting up my blog. (See how we’re coming full circle here?)

So far working with Happy Cog has been a really wonderful experience. I enjoy working with a group of people who are so talented and also have people dedicated to tasks that I normally only can do part-time, such as project management and client relations. Being a “Strategic Partner” with Happy Cog means I get to work with them a lot on projects; however, I’m still doing lots of work with Be Good Not Bad and Method Arts, too.

I feel so thankful to be where I am right now. A new baby at home, a successful business that I’ve grown from scratch, and supportive wife who is helping out with the work part-time. Fun stuff!

You can see my profile on Happy Cog’s site here: About Brian Warren.