Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

5 September 2005


So, I’m sure you’ve heard about it from dozens of places, but I want to encourage you to give to some sort of hurricane relief. The Warren household gave to IOCC, but you give wherever you feel appropriate. Just give. And then think about giving some more.

Also, we decided to list our house as a place a couple refugees could come. Yeah, we realize that we could be taken advantage of, and we realize we’re a good 20+ hours of driving away from southern Louisiana, but it seems like the right thing to do. Would I rather cover my ass in case someone possibly maybe takes advantage of me, or do I want to offer help in a time of need? Think about it.

Ok, I guess it sounds like I’m all self-aggrandizing by pointing out our decisions. I just want to add a bit of pressure to you guys out there who haven’t given or offered help. Do it.

Oh, and Happy Labor Day!