Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

18 July 2005

Getting Angry

A couple months ago, we decided to get angry. We said we’re sick of this consumer debt and we want out. So we did it, we put copious amounts of our extra cash into our car loan. About ten days ago, I went in to write the last check and paid it off about a year and a half early. What a joy it was to log into my chase account and see this:

Done with that car payment nonsense.

So, we’re not done entirely yet. We still owe a bit of cash on the van, but we’re making some sweet progress. After that the only debt will be our house.

I’m not really saying this to gloat or anything. I’m actually trying to encourage anybody out there. Consumer debt is a major pain in the arse. But you can get out, you just gotta get angry. Arrr!