Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

10 March 2005


Forgiveness is a very special thing. By forgiving someone you give up your power to hate that person. And in doing that, you do one of the most powerful actions possible by mankind. You show love toward someone who didn’t show love to you. It’s a sacred act.

And that’s why I signed my name at I Forgive Osama (now defunct). Before I say anything else, I want to say that I ache for those who lost their lives or their loved ones by the actions, direct or indirect, of Al Qaeda. It is unfathomable to me.

But I can’t just love my neighbor and refuse to love my enemies. We must love our enemies and our neighbors. We must consider others as better than ourselves. We must live in humility. If I live in the belief that people who hate each other can not be reconciled, then I’ll grow up a cynical, grumpy old curmudgeon. I’ll lose hope.

Well, I choose hope. Am I naïve? I don’t think so. I’m just following the commands of Christ. I am following the command of genuine goodness.

We all need forgiveness. All of us have hurt someone else in our lives. I too need forgiveness. If you are reading this and I’ve wronged you at some point, I ask your forgiveness.

I have more thoughts and feelings on this. You can read the site at decide for yourself what you feel.