Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

4 January 2007

Five Things You May Not Know about Brian Warren

Reid from ALR Marketing tagged me, on the “Five things you may not know about me” meme. I’m getting over a cold right now so if my typing is slurred, well, you know why.

1. I went to college as a theology student.

After over two years of doing that I decided to try changing my major to graphic design. It was a fantastic idea, and I have yet to regret the decision. I look back and appreciate the theology studies. I took a lot of Greek and Philosophy as well as some church history. It was helpful in developing my current world view and stretching parts of my brain that I don’t stretch as much in design.

2. I really like a good detective novel.

Rex Stout wrote a ton of great novels about a New Yorker detective named Nero Wolfe. He’s a brilliant, quirky man who leaves his house on very rare occasions. He prefers staying home, drinking lots of beer, tending to his orchids, and doing most of his legwork through Archie Goodwin, his devoted assistant. Reading books like this calms me down after a long day of work and puts a smile on my face. It’s very fun stuff.

3. I’ve lived in New Orleans.

From the ages of 14 to 20, I lived in a smallish suburb of New Orleans. I really enjoyed my time there and I know New Orleans to be one of the most unique cities in America. The food, people and architecture are incredible. I don’t want to ever move back though. It’s just too darn hot. I’ve also lived in Arkansas and Alaska.

I was a deejay once.

4. I have been a Radio Deejay

When I lived in Haines, Alaska, I found out about a local radio NPR station that didn’t just play classical and talk radio. In fact, a gentleman named Byrne was the music director at the time and had tremendous taste in music. I volunteered there for a year doing a show a week. He exposed me to lots of wonderful artists and I look back on the experience very fondly. I also rented out a room in his house as my office. He let me sample from his ~7500 records and ~4000 CDs while working.

5. I’m somewhat left-handed

I write and eat with my left hand, but my left-hand dominance ends nearly there. I throw, kick, and swing a bat all right-handed. I swing a golf club right-handed, but putt left-handed. I shoot a basket ball right-handed, but shoot a rifle left-handed. I mouse left-handed unless I have a wacom tablet, then the mouse goes on the right. Chalk it up to inattentive sports teachers or just freakishness, but that’s how it is.

I get the feeling this meme is toward the end of its lifecycle, so I’m not really feeling like tagging anybody specific. So if by reading this, you feel inspired, consider yourself tagged.