Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

3 March 2006

Fired Up

A little over a month ago we got it into our collective head that it would be a good idea to have an outdoor fireplace. We don’t have any indoor fireplaces that I know of, so we decided to go ahead and put one outside. If you have ever been to Colorado during the Summer, Spring or Fall, then you know it’s wonderful to spend time outside, especially in the evenings. We bought one from Amazon (that’s right, free shipping on a 43 lb fireplace). Porch Extension Project 2 Anna put it together and soon we had an excellent-looking fireplace, but only a grassy yard on which to put it.

So, we dug out a 6’x12’ portion of the yard and put some paving stones down. This took less time than I thought it would, but still made for some sore backs. Tonight we lit our first fire and I’d say it was a fantastic success.

In other news, I leave for SXSW in a week. If you’re going or happen to live in Austin area, shoot me an email and we can hang out. I have some fun stuff planned, including recording another podcast with James at Basic Brewing Radio since we’ll both be down there. Lots of events and parties to attend, so it should be very busy and very fun. Expect some pictures and the like.