Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

8 February 2006

Fine Print

If you don’t want people to know about the bad stuff, then make the text smaller. I took these screenshots from the Privacy Policy pages from Blockbuster and Netflix (click them for a bigger version if you like).

Blockbuster Privacy Policy

Netflix Privacy Policy

Blockbuster chose to make their type size small and fine. Netflix chose to make theirs normal, easily readable text. On one hand, Blockbuster comes from the older, brick and mortar era of retailing. Fine print is intrinsic to how these guys operate, so naturally that will carry over into their web offerings. Netflix has never done the brick and mortar thing, so they dont have those ties.

Also, Blockbuster’s policy clearly states that they will give up your information to others, while Netflix won’t without your permission first. So, Blockbuster, naturally would be a bit embarassed to tell you that they give out your information. Netflix has it easier, they can proudly say that they don’t.

I say, as a company, make your type big, and easy to read, especially when talking about what you do with your users information. If that makes you uncomfortable, then consider changing your policys to something you feel proud to display nice and big.