Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

3 November 2006

eMusic Update


I’m still enjoying eMusic thoroughly. Every month I get to download 65 tracks. My buddy Vance often alerts me to some albums which are only three tracks long, such as stuff from godspeed you! black emperor, but the fun catch is that each track is a good 20 minutes long. That’s only three downloads. Sixty-two to go. Carpe Downloadum!

Until November 21st, 2006, that is.

On November 21st, 2006, eMmusic is changing their subscription plans. The Basic plan will move from 40 downloads per month to 30. eMusic Plus will switch from 65 per month to 50. And the Premium plan will switch from 90 to 75. The good news is that this doesn’t change for any current subscribers. So if, before November 21st, you are signed up, no problemo. Personally, I just switched to the mid-sized annual plan. I wanted to lock in that 65 downloads per month.

As a reminder, these downloads are straight-up MP3s. No DRM, no lock in. Even just for checking out eMusic you get 25 free MP3s. It’s good stuff. If you check out eMusic from a link on my site, you earn me six dollars. That’s right. Six bucks. So far, I’ve made $18. Woo! But seriously, if you’ve been thinking of checking it out, or upgrading your account, now would be an excellent time. Have a great weekend!