Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

20 December 2011

EECI and AIGA Recap

It’s been a very busy fall. I meant to jot down a few quick blog posts here and there but it just didn’t happen. This will have to do as a speedy recap:


I spoke at EECI in October, and that was super fun. I got to meet and catch up with lots of people, many of whom I hadn’t seen in years. It was a blast. My talk went very well and I got some great feedback. The title ended up being “Happy Clients”, and I posted the slides on Speaker Deck, and the folks there were extremely kind in listing it in their Featured Presentations.


In November, I, along with my Happy Cog cohorts Chris Cashdollar, Dave DeRuchie, and Kevin Hoffman, all hopped on a train to Central Pennsylvania to speak at an AIGA event there. We were presenting as a part of a series of talks AIGA Central PA is hosting about process. Instead of walking through our process in a linear fashion, we focused our talk around the various pain points one might experience during in the normal course of a project. We collected lots of feedback and questions from the audience as they walked into the talk, which gave us a chance to bring them into the presentation a bit and ask questions along the way.

There were tons of great questions and lots of discussion afterwards. We had a great time and AIGA Central PA were wonderful hosts. I posted our slides for that talk as well, so check those out on Speaker Deck, too.