Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

22 November 2004


We adopted a second cat. Clive, our first cat, is still pretty spunky, and so we thought maybe he would be more melllow with another cat around to humble him a bit. So we adopted Edith. She is a beautiful black cat who recently had some kittens.

Edith, our Cat for 3 days.

But Rusty, our dog, just didn’t get along with Edith. He would just pace back and forth, extremely upset. He whined, barked, and whimpered. We could barely get him to bed down at night, relax or even just stop paying attention to Edith.

Due to several battles and a very, very sad dog, we decided she’d be happier somewhere else. So we took her to the Colorado Humane Society. Even though we didn’t have her but for three days, it was really emotional to let her go.

After all that, we realized something important: It sure is good that you can take a cat back, but things will be different when Anna and I have children. I can just see us a few years from now thinking “Hmm, you know it’s just not working out with this kid. Maybe we take him back.”