Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

19 October 2004

Early Mornings

I’ve been considering getting up at 5 or so to do extra work in the morning. I freelance a bit designing websites and working on a long-term Content Management System design with a few of my friends. It’s really hard to find time to get these sorts of things done after work and on the weekends. If I were to get up early like that, I’d get an extra 2 hours of time to work during the day.

Granted, I’m not adding hours to my day by doing this, and I’d have to get to bed earlier. However, that is what I did when I lived in Alaska. I went to work at 6:30 every day. Why? I telecommuted from Alaska with my job in Colorado. I had to deal with a two-hour time difference, and going to work early (and leaving early) seemed like the simplest solution to that.

Another variable: A few times a week, Anna has been opening up the coffee shop – which means she needs to get up at 5am too. Usually, I get up with her and make a smoothie or something for her to take with her and drink on the way to work. After waving goodbye, donned in my bathrobe, I’ll go back to sleep. Today I stayed up, drank my smoothie and a shot of espresso (separately, not mixed), and opened up my powerbook to get some work done. (And read the news – Apple has some new iBooks and Go Red Sox!). Now, two hours later, I’ve gotten a significant amount of work done. I’m not convinced yet I can make a lifestyle out of it, but it seems like an attractive option.