Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

18 January 2006


I started using a new app called DropSend and man I like it. DropSend gives you the power to send huge files to people via the internet. It’s like emailing a 100MB (or even a 1GB) file.

I only wish this had been available when I was telecommuting from Alaska. There were times I had to upload a giant file to an FTP server only to try to explain to people how to download it, or better yet, I would create a web page just for that file with instructions on how to download the file.

DropSend is just as easy as drag and drop. You tell it to whom you’re sending the file, enter in a message to the recipient, and it uploads a file to the DropSend server. Then DropSend sends an email to said recipient with a download link and instructions. So far it’s been as easy as dropping a dead chicken. Try it out!