Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

3 October 2005

Do you turn off your computer?

I’m sitting in a café, drinking some coffee and working on an article. I’ve been here for a little while now, long enough to see people come and go. Across from me a gentleman finished up what he was doing on his Dell laptop, turned off the computer and left. I thought nothing of it. Then, someone else came in, sat down in his place, and turned on his Vaio.

Something clicked in my memory. Do you turn off your computer when you stop using it for any amount of time? I rarely do. I’ll go for weeks without turning it off. When I’m done working on my laptop, I just shut it and put it in my bag. I don’t wait, press any buttons or anything. I clap it shut and get up to go. Same thing when I sit down, I flip the lid open and start working. Am I abnormal? Is this a Mac thing? Is it a power-user thing?

I know the Mac is very fast on the wake-up from sleep thing, does that lend to it? I’ve seen windows computers wake up from standby, a little progress bar goes across the screen… It takes a little while. Is there something weird on the power management of some computers that don’t allow for that kind of usage?

What do you do?