Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

18 April 2006

Designers Who Blog

I’m featured this week on Designers Who Blog, Cat Morley’s site all about, yep, designers who blog. As it turns out, I’m not the only one doing this. No, really, believe it!

In fact, you could spend a lifetime reading all the design blogs out there. I do believe I have something interesting and original to add to this, otherwise I don’t believe I’d be doing it.

That reminds me of something I heard while eating pasta with a bunch of folks at SXSW. We were chatting about the length of the conference, how many panels there are and how certain people get asked to be on panels. Cameron Moll was wishing that the conference be twice as long, so we could have more panels and more people on them, because everybody has something to lend to the conversation. Despite the fact that I was downright pooped after SXSW, and that the idea of doubling up on all the panels, parties and awesome conversations makes my head want to explode, that sounds great! Really.

Until then, we do have these blog things. There are bigger, longer panel discussions going on through them. Designers Who Blog does facilitate those in some ways. Recently there was a big discussion on spec work and how it is harmful to the design industry. Not a new discussion for sure, but one that needs to be brought up on a regular basis, as there is always a new crop of designers coming into the crowd.

Other topics will come up via Designers Who Blog, and I plan on writing about them from time to time. I’m glad to be all official now, as a Designer Who Blogs (I’m still waiting for my detailed instructions on the secret handshake).