Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

12 May 2004

Denver? I thought you just left! [updated]

Yes indeed, I’m back in Denver. After pretty successful trip to Colorado, an offer on a house (they declined), and a few weeks back in Alaska trying to decide on a different house, I return to Colorado. The hunt has begun anew.

We’re glad our first offer was turned down. After all this hunting, we feel we are kind of just zeroing in on what we really want.

We want

  • At least two bedrooms.
  • A yard (for the dog, of course).
  • Fireplace (A plus but not essential)
  • Hot water heat (aside from forced air): A plus, but again, not essential.
  • Close to the office: A major plus, but if it’s in a cool neighborhood, we’re interested.

What We Don’t Want

  • A condo (that’s basically an apartment that you buy)
  • A place with no trees (these would be new developments in the sprawl)

We are refining both lists.

Today I sit in a café in Denver called Paris on the Platte. Free wireless, in-house-roasted coffee, and the music from Bleu playing in the background.


We made an offer on a home. We’re waiting to hear back.