Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

20 February 2007

Dear Panic, Thanks for Transmit

Excerpted and slightly modified from an actual email I sent a few weeks ago.

Dear Panic,

Can I just say thanks? I’ve been using Transmit back since OS9 or so, and each year I use it more and more. You guys entered a market that had plenty of competition and just nailed the FTP client. I’m impressed. I imagine I’d be quite a bit grumpier without Transmit around.

Top 5 reason I like Transmit:

  • The tabs functionality in the latest version has been so amazing. So much power in a tiny little window. So many layers.
  • Docksend. I use it only occasionally, but its handy and very well thought out.
  • I’m supporting the little guy with my money. Granted, one couldn’t find any huge megacorps out there making good ftp clients, so not much of a choice there. Even if there was, it wouldn’t matter.
  • Killer value. $30 bucks for saving tons of time and making the mundane task of uploading files easy and simple.
  • You guys sell cool t-shirts. Granted, if you look at my order history, you wont see any tshirt purchases in there, but someday I’ll buy a couple Panic tees. [Note: This has been remedied since the sending of this email.]

Thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to many years of Transmit usage.


P.S. Next time I’m in Portland let me take some of you guys out for some beers.