Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

30 March 2005

Day One, Job Two

I started my second job on Saturday. Just over a week ago, I walked into an Apple store and applied for a job. They promptly interviewed me, checked to see if I had any nasties in my background (keywords in that sentence: “background” and “check”), and offered me a job.

So, this is a part-time thing. It should be lots of fun, though. I’ll be doing some weekends and some evenings too. I’m probably not going to talk much about behind-the-scenes stuff. I don’t want to get fired or sued or anything. As they kindly reminded me when I mentioned that I had a blog, I’m a representative of Apple now. They do love their employees though. They have great benefits and perks, even for part-timers.

So, I went into my training day on Saturday, and I went around introducing myself to my co-trainees. Most of them are part-time as well. “Starbuck” is a speed-reading musician whose other job is a barista at Starbucks. He told me the location of his Starbucks. It occurred to me that I had been there just the day before and he had taken my money. Not only that, but one of the guys I was with (it was a business meeting) had leaned over to me and said – hey that guy goes to my church. So I told this to Starbuck, giving a description of the guy. He said “oh yeah, I know that guy”. What a bizarre thing.

During training we had some downtime, and one of the other trainees was reading Searching for God Knows What. a book by Donald Miller. I just read another book by Miller last month, Blue Like Jazz. We all got to chat about Miller, Christianity and various other interesting things. Not at all what I expected from my first day at Apple.

I’m looking forward to more interesting, and maybe unexpected, things at Apple.