Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

4 December 2006

CSSEdit 2 and Mac Shareware

A few moons ago, I posted about how I had switched back to BBEdit as my main app for building websites. In January that changed, and I switched to Textmate full time. It’s a fantastic application, as is BBEdit. But now I’ve found a new love. A few weeks ago, MacRabbit released CSSEdit 2. I downloaded it right away. Wow! I was blown away. What an incredible testament to the Mac shareware market.

Shareware on the Mac

Shareware on the Mac is a booming industry with incredible applications being built all the time. With its own niche of drama, reality, and controversy, it can be a fun industry to follow.

Part of the reason for this boom over the past five years is Apple began offering its development toolkit, Xcode, free with Mac OS X. This extremely powerful development studio empowers even the most casual of developers with a way to build applications for the Mac. Imagine if the price of entry were $300, as it is with Visual Studio 2005 for Windows? I know that would slow me down.

Apple’s tool kits also make it possible to easily build really beautiful software.

CSSEdit 2

When I first fired up CSSEdit 2, I was instantly enamored with it. I couldn’t wait to get started making a site. The biggest change from using TextMate was the organizational tools that make it really easy to find and edit various parts of your stylesheet. Digging a little deeper, I discovered some really cool features such as built-in CSS Validation and a low-profile versioning system called Milestones.

The only thing I find missing from CSSEdit 2 is the ability to do HTML editing, though I can understand MacRabbit’s desire to stay focused on just CSS. Maybe in the future we could see an HTMLEdit.


CSSEdit 2 is a decidedly Mac application. It’s easy to get used to, extremely powerful under the hood and has a beautiful interface. It’s also a great example of what is coming out of the modern Mac software industry. Here is an application made by a Belgian college student that is hands down the best CSS editor on the market today. Without a doubt, it is an interesting and exciting time to be a Mac user.