Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

7 April 2006

Changes Come

When I updated the design a few weeks ago, I did some slashing and burning with some features. It was a liberating move on my part, because one of the most difficult parts of web design is finding great spots for all the bits and pieces that make up a site.

One of the great and easy parts of web design, particularly if you’re doing a redesign, or realign, of your own website, is that you get to decide what stays and what goes. Just like a homeowner who picks up a sledgehammer one day and decides that he never liked that wall anyway, the web designer says “well, I never liked that link blog anyway” and starts swinging.

So, for this new design, I left out both the “browsing…” and the “on tap…” features. If you want to see what those looked like on the old site, you can go here. Not a single person mentioned to me that they noticed the absence of those features, so I figure they aren’t missed. I’m hoping the signal-to-noise ratio of the new design is good, and I’ll try to keep other stuff from creeping in.