Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

31 May 2006

Bringing back the Browsing…

After much thought and deliberation, I’ve brought back the “browsing” list on the sidebar (try clicking on that little tab to the left). Initially I left it out of the design for one reason: clutter. I dont like clutter, and I felt like on my last design things were getting cluttered. I looked for ways to cut back, to get rid of stuff, to minimise. As I started putting together my ideas for my redesign I started with a blank page. I added elements only as I found them necessary. Once I added all the main blog elements, I started adding a few extras here and there. The only extra that made the cut, at the time, was the Flickr thumbnails at the bottom.

I rarely had feedback about my links section, and when I did, it was usually from a certain PC zealot friend of mine when I posted pro-mac links. Aside from that, few people mentioned it. After the redesign, nobody mentioned its absence, until I posted about it, and even then few commented. I figured oh well, it wasn’t missed.

But I missed it. I enjoy posting interesting links and so I continued to ask around to people to see if they ever found them interesting, pertinent, or otherwise. My wife never read them, but aside from her, I found that many people did read and click through the links. They just never mentioned it.

So, I’m bringing it back. I tried to make it non-intrusive in the design. If you don’t care to see the links, you don’t have to. If you want, well, just click the tab to the left.

I’m also tweaking my RSS feed offerings. If you prefer to only get the articles, then choose the articles feed. If you prefer to have the links separate, choose the links feed. If you want them combined into a single feed, that’s available too. If you had already subscribed to this site before today, then the combined feed is what you’re getting now.

The tabbed drawer that slides out uses Javascript. If you have that disabled, you can easily access the links via the new Browsing menu item above, which leads to the Browsing Archives. Easy enough, eh?

I hope you enjoy the new links, and I hope I enjoy posting to them. Feedback is welcome.