Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

22 December 2006

Blizzards and More

This was by far one of the more interesting weeks of the year. For most of the week I’ve been working like crazy to get client work wrapped up or at least to a good stopping point so I can head out of town for a week to celebrate Christmas.

On Tuesday night, Nature said “hey look at me!”, but apparently none of us did, so on Wednesday we got a blizzard. Thursday we got the other half of a blizzard. My bride got to stay home from work and knit, but unfortunately my boss didn’t give me any time off for any sort of weather event (I’m sure I/he would have reconsidered if the power and/or internet had gone out). I suppose that’s for the best, since the work had to be done either way.

When I wasn’t working on websites, I was shoveling snow or drinking Egg Nog and in general enjoying the days leading up till Christmas.

The week ended well with today, the 22nd, we enjoyed a more private celebration, for five years ago today, my bride and I exchanged rings, vows and smooches. I love you Anna. Thank you for everything.