Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

25 June 2008

Beating the Heat and the Gas Prices with My Scooter

My Scooter, with odometer reading 1263.3

It’s been just about a year since I bought my scooter. As you can see, I have gotten some decent use out of it, traveling over 1200 miles. I’ve had lots of fun driving all over the Denver metro area and finding the scooter to be even more useful than I anticipated. It’s nimble, fun, and exactly what I need for day-to-day driving. I think everyone should have one.

Here are a few stats for a year of riding (thanks to the geniuses at My Mile Marker):

  • Total Miles: 1263.3
  • Avg Miles Per Gallon: 93.9
  • Total Spent On Gas: $39.35
  • Projected Costs for next year: $42.75 (ouch!)

I’ll post again next year with the results. I have a hunch the numbers will be higher since I’ve, again, moved my office out of my house. It’s the perfect commuting vehicle. I just toss my lunch, MacBook Air, and house keys into the little compartment in the back, don my helmet, and ride off to work. You can’t beat it!

To quote Ferris Bueller (who was referring to a Ferrari): “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.“

My Scooter