Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

6 December 2008

Be Good Not Bad Featured in ExpressionEngine Showcase Interview

In November, Leslie Camacho interviewed yours truly about a site we did this spring called Animal Internet. It was fun and I was honored to be interviewed. We chatted about what the site was all about and some of the specific challenges we faced when building the website. Be Good Not Bad partnered with Mark Bixby for the design and Corey Snipes at Twomile, Inc. for custom module development. Corey had never used ExpressionEngine before but by the end he was a pro.

From the interview:

It turned out ExpressionEngine was up to the task after all. It’s really a testament to not only the extensive built-in functionality, but the extensibility of the application. By the end of it, Corey was sold, wanting to use it on future projects of his own.

Corey and I are working on a new ExpressionEngine project this winter for some scientists at Harvard.

Read the entire interview on the ExpressionEngine site. While you’re there, check out the Showcase Gallery. It’s pretty wild how many sites are being developed with ExpressionEngine these days.