Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

24 February 2006

Basic Brewing Radio Interview

A couple weeks ago, Anna and I got to go to the International Mead Festival as correspondents for Basic Brewing Radio, a podcast all about homebrewing. We interviewed several professional mead makers, tasted a lot of mead, and had an all-around fun time. I have got to tell you, I’m totally fired up about mead now. Mead, basically fermented honey, is the oldest fermented beverage in the history of humankind.

Also, about a week ago I spent some time talking with James Spencer, the host of Basic Brewing. Today, the whole show goes live, and even if you’re not a homebrewer or mead maker, you might enjoy the show. If you have any interest in mead or want to know about the people behind the scenes, you should check it out.

The four people we interviewed were:

Dr. Garth Cambray a brilliant meadmaker from South Africa who is a big innovator in the mead world. He built a fermentation system that is unlike any other in the world of mead. He’s a fascinating guy.

Michael Faul from Rabbit’s Foot Meadery. A true success story for those who would wish to go commercial with their mead.

Mark Beran from Medovina is a class act for those who love mead and would like to share it with others. His is a little operation, but he likes it that way and really enjoys making mead.

Vincent Carlson from Adytum cellars in Washington state. This guy is a hoot to talk with, and he’s really passionate about honey and mead. A great storyteller.

So, what you really want to know, is how can you listen to the show. Well, I’ll include some links below. Word of warning, there is a fair amount of info leading up to the interviews, so if all you care about is hearing the sultry sounds of my voice, skip to 4:35 (4 minutes, 35 seconds) to get to the part where I get introduced. Enjoy!

To check out this show via iTunes, go here: Basic Brewing Radio in iTunes

To just download the MP3, go here Basic Brewing Meadfest MP3

Thanks for listening, and please, leave some feedback here in the comments, if you do.