Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

27 December 2004

Back Home and Props to Apple

Our trip home was great. We had lots of fun riding in the car and enjoying hours and hours of podcasts. I’m so glad that I was behind on listening to them, as it gave us lots of good content to enjoy on the trip.

I have to say that Apple really came through for me on this trip. Many of you know I’m kind of a computer geek and I have a particular affinity for Apple’s stuff. That said, I try not to be a blind follower, and I try not to be annoyingly vocal about it either. So, disclaimers aside, I sure enjoyed using Apple’s stuff on this trip.

First of all, the iPod was a real trooper. We have one of the 30 GB ones that we got about a year ago. I use the thing every day walking to and from work, listening to tunes and podcasts. We listened to it on the way down, off and on. Coming back though, we listened to podcasts nearly the entire time. It gave out around 13 hours of use. Of course we just plugged it into the computer to let it charge up some more while playing more tunes. Pay attention there, that’s 13+ hours of playtime, skipping around, fast-forwarding, rewinding, stopping, starting and using the backlight. I guess the iPod got a lot of bad press about a year ago w/ battery life issues. We’ve had none of that.

Second, on the way to Little Rock, I got the idea to make a DVD for the family. Just something simple, based on slideshows that I could put together with iPhoto. So, in the car, I pulled out my powerbook and started to put together some slideshows with some music. Then I clicked the iDVD button in iPhoto and (I’m doing this for the first time here) shazaam I’m put in iDVD with a DVD project and a slideshow all set up. I put together a couple more slideshows, linked them to iDVD, picked a template for the DVD (the sample templates are really cool), and in the car, I had created a DVD. I took a turn driving, and Anna did some tweaks with the DVD herself. When we pulled into Little Rock, I did a couple more tweaks and burned it there while talking with the family. It was so easy, and the DVD played fine in their DVD player.

And of course there are the other smaller things, like iPhoto effortlessly snagging the hundreds of pictures I shot (no need of drivers to install, of course). I also burned those photos on a cd for my father-in-law, again a piece-of-cake. And naturally, right when i got there, I could connect to his wireless network with no configuring requried.

I hope you can understand how enthusiastic I am about the fun use of technology during this vacation. I get most excited when the technology works with me and fits into my lifestyle. I guess that’s why I’m an Apple user in the first place.