Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

12 January 2007

Back from CES

I just got off the plane after two days at CES. It was my first time at CES and my first time in Las Vegas. Major sensory overload.

I had a great time, especially because I got to hang out with my dad there. Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to go to CES with my dad. I was raised as an electronics and gadget nut, so it only made sense that I’d want to go. Now, many years later, we got to go as colleagues. What an experience!

One of the oddest experiences was right after I stepped off the plane in Vegas. After standing in line for a cab, I hopped in and told the guy to take me to the convention center. He started cussin’ like a sailor! He was not happy that I asked him to take me there. I guess there was lots of traffic and construction, and I understand, long, slow trips don’t earn a cabbie as much as short quick ones. I just kept a smile on my face and told him I wished I could ask him to take me somewhere else, but that’s where I needed to go. By the end of the ride, he was apologetic that it took so long, so maybe I won him over.

I hear a lot about all the free kitschy stuff you get for going to all the booths. Nothing seemed particularly interesting, so I passed on most of that. I did get two 1GB USB thumb drives, so that was pretty nice. Oh, and I grabbed the hotel room chocolates to bring home to my wife. She was excited about that, though maybe slightly more excited to have me back.