Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

9 October 2007

Around America 2.0 Stops by Casa Warren

Matt Danzico

Just a couple months ago, Matt Danzico posted a video on his website asking for the goodwill of people around America to drive house and feed him on an 80 day trip around the U.S. I linked to it then, mentioning that I had offered him lodging and a ride. A few days ago, he showed up and stayed the night.

We had a great time. I showed him dinosaur footprints near my house, fed him lots of food, and he shot some video of our adventures.

Matt’s a great guy, and we got to talk a lot given the short amount of time he was in town. I find it fascinating people’s reactions to his trip. Lots of people cautioned him that it was extremely dangerous to trust people like this. People even cautioned me about letting a stranger into our home. It’s really strange. Despite our culture moving toward a more open, socially connected atmosphere, I don’t think that has tended to make us much more trusting as a society; yet, I didn’t hesitate to offer him our house.

I know Matt needs more people for the latter half of his trip. I’d encourage you, if you live on his route, to send him a note and help him out. You won’t regret it.