Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

29 January 2006

Anna’s Art Portfolio

Anna has always wanted a more robust portfolio site, as the one I originally did for her was, admittedly, pretty wimpy. She wanted something more scalable, and possible for people to see thumbnails of her works. The new one that I built for her was done very quickly and easily in a day’s work. It’s a subset of her current site, and just uses a new section in Textpattern. I took this one step further than i originally planned using a javascript tool called Lightbox JS. Now, not only can you see the thumbnails and a larger image of a piece of work, but click on the larger image, and you get an even larger image in a classy little box. Try it with the thumbnail image at the top of this post, it’s fun. Update: This doesn’t work anymore with the picture in this post, because I haven’t figured out how to get Lightbox to not conflict with my cool headline fonts. It still works on Anna’s portfolio site though.

Geekery aside, she likes the new site and is looking forward to showcasing more of her work.

See it here (and make sure to click on the big pictures.)