Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

6 March 2006

Anna, Flickr and Blingo

Anna got it into her head that she wanted to start using Flickr a bit more and so I helped her out by adding a little flickr strip to her blog showing you the three most recent photos she has uploaded. I also showed her a cool extension to iPhoto that just lets you export straight to Flickr.

So, now she’s out of control.

Flickr photo of anna's seedlings Speaking of out of control, check out these seedlings that she planted a month ago.

Lastly, check out Blingo. I say this because I wouldn’t lead you astray; it’s neat. Blingo is a search engine based on Google, so the results are quality. But every time you search, you randomly enter to win some sort of prize. Tonight, I was searching for “Mutt”, and instead of the results I got a message telling me I won a movie ticket. Neat! When I filled out my claim form, I chose to get an iTunes gift certificate instead of a movie ticket, since Lent just started and I’m cutting back on the movies.

Added bonus: Blingo has a “Friends” program that is kind of snazzy. If you sign up as a friend of me and win something, then I win it too. If I win something, like I did today, Greg, the gent who I signed up as a friend of, wins the same thing as well. To sign up as my friend, go here. Not interested, no biggie. I’m just trying to spread the love.