Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

30 August 2005

And Now a Happier Tale of Customer Service

So, just so that you don’t think that all tales of customer service are awful, I’ll tell you what happened today.

So, you know my bike was stolen, and John loaned me his bike. So the other day I replaced the rear tube and was going to install my new pedals on it, but, dagnabbit, I didn’t have the right tool to put on the new pedals. So, today I brought the bike and the new pedals with me to a bike shop. The tool I needed was attached to a $25 multi-tool. I told the guy I didn’t want to pay $25, and he told me to just to go any hardware store to get it.

On my way to the hardware store, I pulled into another bike shop, Denver Spoke. The guy there told me he had a $15 tool that would do the trick, but he also said “I’ll put the pedals on for you if you have the bike here.” No charge. Woo hoo! When I returned from my van with the bike, there he was with the right tool and some grease on a stick all ready to install my new pedals. Well, I soon found out that my new pedals don’t fit that bike.

Foiled again.

Still, after the rather despicable experience from yesterday, I went home rather happy about my experience. That guy just won a customer. I’ll be going back when the need comes. That’s how you run a business, folks.