Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

13 January 2006

Amazon Tip

So, you’re hunting around in Amazon, and let’s say that you want to send your friend a link to some product you found. You could copy the big long URL that you find in your location bar This URL contains more information than you actually need to send to your friend. It says what section you were in, what search you just performed, what method of sorting you had selected, etc.

So the URL that Amazon gives you is this:

All you really need is this:

All that stuff up until product, that just says we’re lookin at a product at Amazon. And then that string of numbers and letters is the ID of the Amazon item.

Change those letters and numbers to B00005JNBQ, and hit enter. Voila, it’s Napoleon Dynamite. Give it B00005JN4W, and it’s The Incredibles.

So, next time you email a link, make it simple and lop off all the stuff past that first string of numbers.