Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

19 March 2005

A Forced Break

I had to take a forced break from the blog. Last friday, I was tinkering with some of the nuts and bolts with databases and whatnot on my server and I accidently deleted this blog. In all honesty, I didn’t really even do it. I deleted some stuff from one database and the tool I was using to do that decided to delete them from another database. So, some glitch resulted in my blog going away for awhile.

But as you can tell, we’re pretty much back in action. I want to say that I’ve missed it a lot! I did get to have a bit of extra spare time which was nice. I was able to do a bit of redesign with Vance on the Junk Forest Blog and I’ve been insanely busy at work as well. Still, during the last week something would occur to me, or I’d see something online that struck me in a certain way. Those times I got the familiar feeling of “Hey I should blog about this…”

So we’re back and thanks for your patience. Thank you to all who inquired, expressed remorse, or suggested extremely obvious ideas for preventing problems in the future. And thank you to Jason, the guy who fixed it for me.