Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

1 May 2013

Number Ten

Seattle Sunrise This marks the tenth (or so) design of this site. This design spent a long time in the fermenter. I purchased the typeface, Colfax, well over a year ago, with the thinking that I’d use it for just this purpose. Every few months or so I’d pull it out and start tinkering, but I never got very far. Finally, over the past couple months, I’ve been making some time to chip away at it in earnest.

My goal was to make something that honored the content first. I am looking to write more and get back to posting more photos, so this design should work pretty well with that. I also adore the typeface. Big lovely fonts just sitting there begging to be read. That’s my hope anyway!

I switched platforms with this project. ExpressionEngine, the system I’d been using for the better half of a decade was getting a little clunky and was poorly-suited to the task of a simple blog. So, I switched to Kirby, and wow, I couldn’t be happier. It’s a stellar little application that suits me very well. Kirby reads all the posts from text files. No databases, and exceedingly little setup.

I’m already working on a post explaining the process I used to migrate from ExpressionEngine. It took a bit of doing to get all my posts out of EE and converted over into hundreds of text files. The effort was worth it, though, and I’m looking forward to sharing how I did it, should anybody else want to do that.

I got a bit nostalgic putting this site together. I had to read a lot of my old posts to make sure the content converted over well. I also browsed a bunch of the old designs. Some of my favorites: The Desk, Redux, Candy + Coffee (the longest-running design, I think), and the one we’re retiring today. I love them all. They’re all old friends.


That’s all for now. Any feedback, good or bad, is welcome, as long as you’re nice about the delivery. Thanks for being along for this ride so far. Hope to see you around here soon.