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22 March 2010

SXSW Panel Recap 

I plan on writing my own recap of this at some point, but this is pretty much exactly how it went down. Thanks Kenny for doing the nearly-to-the-detail recap! (Be ware ye who might be offended by Kenny’s pretty colorful language)

13 March 2010

Sit By Us 

Totally enjoying using this app to stay on top of my schedule at SXSW.

9 March 2010

See you at SXSW 2010


South by Southwest Interactive starts later this week, and it is shaping up to be a really nice event. Excitement is in the air as everybody at the office is packing and planning for Cogaoke, our yearly Karaoke party that we host at SXSW. In addition to that, there will be healthy representation from Happy Cog folk at panels too.

We F*cked Up: Happy Cog and Friends, Exploring Failures, Together hosted by Happy Cog elites Greg Storey, Greg Hoy, Kevin Hoffman as well as Wil Reynolds and Tracey Halvorsen.

ExpressionEngine 2.0: Total Domination hosted by, count them, four Happy Cog folk, including myself, Jenn Lukas, Mark Huot, and Ryan Irelan, alone with some handsome fella named Kenny Meyers who works at Virb.

Some other SXSW events I’m looking forward to are the Found Type Photo Walk and I hope to make it to the Kick-Ass premiere.

Best-laid plans aside, just like every year, I’m most looking forward to spending some quality time with people, having coffee and pints with friends, new and old. I hope to see you at SXSW Interactive 2010. It should be a really, really fun time.

23 February 2010

New Boots 

New Boots

After over ten years of faithful service, I retired my Vasques and bought a new pair. In that time, Vasque moved their production to China, but it seems like they’re still doing a great job of making boots. My new pair feels stiff and needs a few miles under them before they feel comfortable, but I know they’ll get there.

9 January 2010

Happy Cog’aoke 2 

My week was almost entirely devoted to working on this teaser site for Cogaoke. There were lots of fun little challenges in building it which were rewarding enough to work through, but the most rewarding thing is seeing how excited people are about this event. People really seem to take ownership of it and that makes it extra special.

7 January 2010


I started 2009 extremely optimistic. It felt like the world was just out there, ready to be gotten. Looking back, I can say 2009, while surprising in many ways, was a fantastic year.

In a lot of ways, 2009 was a lot about rethinking. I found myself rethinking how to run my business, what my professional goals were, and also what my personal plans were. I had lots of new things come my way that I didn’t really plan on. I got to speak at three different events, edit a book, work on some of the most interesting and fun projects of my career, and watch my daughter turn 2 (I saw that one coming but wow, she’s changed a lot in a year.)

Look Dad! It's a cupcake! With a BEE ON IT!

There were some bigger things too:

In the first few months of the year, Be Good Not Bad grew a little bit as I brought Derek on to work part time. It was a welcome relief from the very busy workload, but it was a huge adjustment to my thinking in how to approach the business and interact with clients. Little did I know how everything was about to be much different.

The biggest change of the year, of course, came a few months later. In August, I accepted the job of Senior Designer/Developer at Happy Cog. Moving to Philadelphia has been both rewarding and challenging. The work at Happy Cog has been fun, and the people have made it especially awesome. I am also adjusting to more time spent home with the family, which is extra great.

One more surprise that came our way was finding out that we’re expecting another baby come June. This will be a big and wonderful adjustment. I think Bridget will make a delightful big sister.

These are big changes, but definitely good ones, and so I must say 2009 taught me to be ready to alter my routine a bit. On the heels of all these changes, I figured, why not change a bit more, and so I’m redesinging my site and trying out Tumblr as a tool for blogging. We will see how this goes.

I know lots of people had a pretty rough 2009, but I’m feeling as thankful as I ever have. I cannot wait to see what 2010 brings.

23 December 2009

Welcome Additions to the Portfolio

Typedia icon This past summer and fall have involved some really fun projects launching. Some of these you know about, like the launch of Typedia and of course the move to Happy Cog was a pretty big project in an of itself. Some of the other projects I haven’t talked about much yet.

Mozilla IconOne of these was some of the ongoing work I’ve been doing with Mozilla. Just last week we launched the Mozilla Parks Page, which seeks to raise support for the Namoroka Park in Madagascar. I’m doing a few other mini-projects with Mozilla as well, including the Get Involved with Mozilla page and some more stuff in development. Mozilla is a great group to work with, and I’m just honored to be working with them.

They Might Be Giants icon One of my favorite bands of all time is They Might Be Giants. It’s hard for me to remember a time when I didn’t like these guys. So when Jason Santa Maria asked me if I would like to work on They Might Be Giants’ new website I didn’t think twice. The new They Might Be Giants site launched in August (the day the movers came to load up the van for our move to Philly, if I remember correctly!), and we’re pleased as punch with the result.

I’m thankful for these opportunities. Working for and with people you respect is a wonderful thing.

Merry Christmas, I hope you’re spending it with some people you love.

3 December 2009

Heading to AEA SF ‘09

I’m wrapping up a few different things at the office and making sure I get some quality family time in, as I’m heading out to San Francisco on Sunday to go to An Event Apart. I’m looking forward to both the talks that will be given, but also catching up with some people I haven’t seen in awhile.

Philadelphia has been great lately. The work at Happy Cog has been lots of fun the work-life balance has been pleasantly in check. We’re still hoping to get out more and see the city more. We have done an embarassingly small amount of tourism (I’m told there’s a bell here with a crack in it?).

I have more to write, and some projects that I wrapped up that I want to post about, but that will all have to wait. In the meantime, if you happen to be going to AEA as well, I look forward to seeing you there!