Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

11 June 2006


After a bit of deliberating, some luck and pixie dust, I’m tossing my hat in with the 9rules network. Curious? “The 9rules Network is a community of the best weblogs in the world on a variety of topics.” That’s from their about page. I suppose that may sound a bit, let’s say, optimistic, but think of it this way – that’s honestly what they hope to achieve. Browse around the 9rules site. They run a tight ship. You can find a variety of really, really great blogs there. Who knows, maybe you already read a few of them regularly.

I’m honored they’ve invited me to become a member. I look forward to seeing where things go from here.

Not much will change here for now. I fully plan on continuing to improve the content here and hopefully draw more readers and generate interesting conversations. You might notice the leafy icon there. And if you happen to be browsing 9rules, you might see this blog or my posts featured there.

More to come as things develop. Thanks for all your support throughout the years. So far, so fun.