Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

27 August 2004

27 on the 27th

A wet and dreary birthday.

It’s my birthday today. Anna got up and made some crêpes for breakfast. I made a mocha for her and an espresso for myself (we got some “homebrewing” equipment of the espresso kind this week – more on that another time).

My work gives everyone their birthday off – it’s a free day that you can take on your birthday or another time. I’m taking advantage of that, and Anna’s going to take me around town. I think she plans to take me to a local brewery and maybe out to lunch and a matinee. It’s damp and dreary here today. I love it.

In the spirit of my birthday, I have a few Gmail invitations that I’d like to give away. Leave a comment saying so, and I’ll take care of it. I’ll give preference to those who’ve left comments before.