Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

8 April 2009

2008 A List Apart Survey Findings 

Again, over 30,000 people responded to the A List Apart Survey and now the findings have been published.

If we, the people who make websites, want the world to know who we are and what we do, it’s up to each of us to stand up and represent.

They improved the survey this year with better questions, making the findings clearer and more relevant for full-time independent web professionals. I’m glad to see the A List Apart crew is making this a regular thing. This data will only become more important as add on the years of results.

Last year the findings were presented in PDF form, but this year we get a special treat. It’s all on the web and Eric Meyer did some serious elite ninja work taking regular table data and turning it into beautiful graphs. If you want to dive deep into the technical details, check out his post about his process. Well done sir!

I implore you, go check out the results. Even if all you read is the first page, I guarantee you will get something good out of it.